Intramural Sports

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Sports for Everyone

Our annual Sport Calendar highlights all the dates, details and roster requirements for each of our leagues and tournaments. Sports are offered in Open, Corec, Women's and Men's* leagues and in multiple 'PlayStyles' to ensure there's something for all abilities and interests.

>> Download the Intramural Sport Calendar (PDF) to find:

  • Registration dates and team entry fees
  • Season dates, days of play and game times
  • Minimum roster requirements*
  • Leagues and PlayStyles offered

*Intramural Sports & Gender-based Roster Requirements: With the exception of our Open leagues, many of our leagues specify gender-based roster requirements, including a minimum number of women or men. There’s some value to this system, but it also falsely perpetuates the idea of gender as a binary and presents other barriers to our building an inclusive sport community. For the purposes of our program, the terms 'men' and 'women' are inclusive of trans*, gender-fluid, and agender members of our community. We've trained our staff to understand gender as a spectrum and encourage participants to take part in the programs that best represents their gender as THEY identify.


Click on picture for the Intramural Sports Calendar (PDF)

 Accessibility and Inclusion

As a part of our Program Values & Vision, we are committed to working proactively to ensure members of all abilities are able to access our facilities, sports, programs and events. We welcome feedback on ways to better serve all members, especially with respect to accessibility and inclusion. 

If you require an accommodation to participate in any of our Intramural Sports, please let us know: Submit Accomodation Request 


Recognizing Participants & Teams

Without a doubt, our participants and the teams they play on have the biggest impact on our ability to create an inclusive, fun-and-friendship-first sport community, and have the power to shape each other's experience for the better. 

  • Athletes of the Year: Every season we recognize individual participants who actively make our sport community more fun and inclusive. You can nominate a fellow participant for Athlete of the Year until March 25th each school year.
  • Most Valuable Teams: Every season we recognize teams that collectively raise the bar - and the fun and friendship - for us all.


Sports Offered