October 30th 2012!

This event was a great success, hope to see you next year!


What do you get when you combine dodgeball with Halloween? The most epic tournament EVER! McMaster Intramurals is proud to present our Superhero Tournament happening Sunday 30th October, 2022 . Bring your team, dress up, and come for an exciting night of dodgeball. If you are a dodgeball enthusiast but dressing up is not your thing, come anyway for the dodgeball competition.

Prizes available for tournament winners, best dressed team, and most valuable team! Register on IMLeagues during the registration period.

Remember the 5 D’s of dodgeball…






See you out there!


*** WINTER DODGEBALL LEAGUE - Registration November 11th-25th




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Intramural Dodgeball

Activities include: Dodgeball

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Corec Dodgeball Rules


  1. 6 players on the court to start each game
    • Extra Players: Teams with more than 6 players may start with the additional players lined up as eliminated players next to the referee. These players will enter the game using the standard "catch in the air to eliminate opponent and reinstate teammate" rule.



  1. Six dodgeballs will be used for each game.
  2. Game Length: All matches will be best 2 out of 3 games, with a 12-minute time limit for each match
    • Each game will end when all of one team’s players are eliminated.
    • If a game is still being played when time expires, the team with the most live players remaining on the court wins the game. If it is the tiebreaker game in a playoff match, the current game will continue to completion but no eliminated players can be reinstated.




Rough Play

  1. All players should go out of their way to create a safe playing experience, and should avoid dangerous plays. This rule supersedes all others!
  2. Any rough or poor sporting behaviour will result in IMMEDIATE EJECTION from the match and/or tournament.


Starting Games: To start the game, 6 dodgeballs are placed on the centerline in two groups of 3. Each group of 3 is placed at opposite ends of the centerline, in front of the referees.

  1. Each team stands at their back line with one dodgeball each touching the backline.
  2. The referee will begin the game by shouting, "Ready, Set, Dodgeball!” and each team can approach the centerline to retrieve their dodgeballs.
  3. Teams can only retrieve the 3 dodgeballs to their right.
  4. Dodgeballs are considered dead until they touch the backline.


General rules

  1. Any dodgeball that hits an object or surface, or declared as a dead ball by the referee is considered dead.
  2. Players must remain within their own side of half. Players can lean over the half line to retrieve a ball, but touching any boundary line is considered out and the offending player will be eliminated.
  3. Eliminated players line up on the sideline next to the referees, according to the order of elimination.
  4. Dodgeballs that go out of bounds are to be returned to where they became out of bounds, or stopped on the sidelines before they go out of bounds. If the initial out of bounds location can’t be determined, then the balls should be placed on the centerline.
  5. Players can only be in possession of ONE ball at any given time. Therefore, if a player holding a ball catches another ball (therefore, holding both balls in their hands) neither the thrower nor the catcher is eliminated - play should just continue.


Throwing the Balls and Eliminating Players

  1. Players can throw a ball in any manner (with the exception of squeezing the air out of the ball) from anywhere on their own side of the court.
  2. Balls must be thrown to the opposing team’s half within 10 seconds of being picked up. Otherwise, it will be placed on the opposing team’s backline.
  3. To eliminate an opposing player, a live ball must hit the player from the SHOULDER downwards. An opponent that is hit in the head is NOT eliminated but the thrower of the ball is eliminated.


Caught Live Balls

  1. If a player catches a live ball that is thrown at them, the thrower is OUT. Additionally, the team that caught the ball will return the first eliminated player. The returning player must go straight to the backline, and touch the backline to be reinstated.
  2. A player that is holding a ball can use it to deflect/block another ball that is thrown at them by an opponent. However, if the ball being held is dropped due to the second ball, the person who dropped the ball is OUT. A successfully deflected ball is still considered live until it hits the ground/wall/obstacle.


Showdown: If there is only 1 player left from each team, showdown goes into effect after 1 minute.

The centerline boundary is dissolved, while the sidelines remain active boundaries.

  1. Players begin with 2 balls in their hands at their respective walls.
  2. The other 2 balls go at the ends of the centerline.
  3. When ready, showdown begins with a “Ready, Set, Showdown!” from the referees.
  4. Tagging the opponent in a showdown will not count; balls must be released in order to hit someone out.
  5. There is no 10 second dead ball count.