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Intramural Floorball

Activities include: Floorball

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Floorball Rules

All International Floorball Federation rules apply.

Floorball is meant to be a truly offensive game, enjoyable and affordable for everyone. To create enough space for creativity many defensive actions are not allowed - please review notes on Game Play below.


1. Maximum of 5 players and 1 goalie allowed on the court at one time, minimum of 4 and goalie.

a) 3-on-3/4-on-4 with no goalies: Maximum 3 or 4 as indicated, minimum 2 or 3.

i. In "No Goalie" Floorball, nets will be setup face-down and a standard barrier will be placed in each net's opening, blocking the lower portion of the net except for the corners.

ii. Players are not allowed to 'camp' in net (effectively acting as a goalie) and must remain active on the playing court.

iii. Intentionally moving the goalie/barrier or 'camping' in net may result in a goal being awarded to your opponent, at the discretion of the official.

2) Goalies must wear a helmet with full-face protection. No other pads (that serve to make the goalie bigger than your basic sweatpants and sweatshirt) are allowed. No helmets required for regular players.


1. Game Duration: 2 x 18 minute halves, as timed by the official in charge. Halftime will be 4 minutes. Regular season games can end in a tie.
            a. 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 No Goalie Floorball will play 2 x 12 minute halves. Halftime will be 2 minutes.

2. Playoff Tie-Breakers: Ties will be broken by, in this order:

a. 5 minute, golden-goal/sudden-death overtime;
b. Penalty shots (3 each team);
c. Sudden death penalty shots (new shooters).



Notable differences between Floor Hockey and Floorball can be found in Floorball Canada's basic rule handout, also available in PDF, and highlighted below:

  1. No Face-off: Instead you have a Free-hit or a Hit-in. The game starts with a Start-off.
  2. Throw-out: The goalie has no stick, and starts the play with a throw-out. The ball must bounce before the centre line.
  3. No Pass to Goalie: When you're fore checking it's not fair if the defenseman can give the ball to the goalie
  4. No Field player in Goalkeeper Area: This area belongs to the goalie alone. Players on both teams, stay out!
  5. No Stick-Check: The stick can only be used to play the ball. Hacking and whacking on the opponents stick might only break it and cause injuries
  6. No Contact with Stick: You wear no padding, so even an accidental hit might hurt. So control your stick at all times.
  7. No Stick-lift: Since you is not aloud to wear gloves, you don't want anyone to lift your stick and by mistake break your finger.
  8. No High Stick: Regardless if you're using your stick, knee or foot, the ball can only be played under knee level.
  9. No Pushing: Do you want to push and shove? Join WWF!
  10. No Hands: You can't use your hands to play the ball. If it's lower than your knee, use your stick. Otherwise, let it go.
  11. Only Feet May Touch the Floor: This makes the game faster and more open. No jumping!
  12. No Stick between Feet: This gives you offensive freedom to roll off the checker at all times.
  13. No Slap Shot: Work on your wrist shot, and you'll be able to shoot the ball quicker and almost as hard. Slap shots might only damage your stick.
  14. No Kick-pass: You can only kick the ball one time and only to your own stick.