Intramural Sports

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Team & Free Agent Registration

Whether as part of your own team or joining as a Free Agent, we want to play with you! Keep reading to find out who is eligible to play and how to register.

Who can play Intramural Sports at McMaster?

The entire McMaster community is welcome to join, and students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends take part every year...7,500+ of them! Learn more about participant eligibility...

Regardless of your connection to our McMaster community you will need to join your team's roster on and bring your student card, membership or guest passes to every game.

Need help? Download the Participant Sign-Up Instructions (PDF)


Program Values & Player Code of Conduct

As participants and staff, our values and vision guide how we work and play. Our Code of Conduct is designed to keep us all safe and smiling. As a captain and participant you should KNOW...

Sport Rules

The technical details for each sport - rules, game durations, etc. - can be found on each Sport page in our Sport Listing.

Free Agent Registration

Free Agents can register and request to join an existing team's roster, just sign-up and hope to get invited to play by a team in need of another player, or be assigned the league to a team. 

Option #1: Campus Partners and Student Groups

Check out  our Campus Partners and Student Groups Listing to see if you belong to one of these groups that may already have teams in our leagues! 

Option #2: Guaranteed Play 

 Register as a Free Agent on IMLeagues before the league's registration closes and be placed on an already-registered team of fellow McMaster community members.

  • Register as a Free Agent for the sport of your choice on
  • An existing team may ask you to join with them or they may not during the registration period 
  • Free Agents will be assigned to teams after league registration closes and before the season begins
  • What teams will you be assigned to?
    • If there are enough free agents then Intramurals will connect you and create a new Free Agent based team for all
    • If there are only a few free agents, then you will be assigned to teams after the league registration closes
  • You can expect your new team to ask you to pay your share of their Team Entry fee. 

Team Registration

Captains organize their teammates, register and make payment on behalf of their team. Registration dates are staggered across the school year, with the bulk in early September for Fall Sports, and mid-November for Winter Sports. 

There's 5 Steps to Completing Registration:
  1. Find the league you would like to play in using our Sport Calendar (PDF) or
  2. Register your team in that league on IMLeagues
  3. Add enough teammates to your roster on IMLeagues to meet the minimum roster requirement for that league
  4. Pay for your team online using IMLeagues or in-person at the DBAC Business Office
  5. Be ready to welcome any Free Agent teammates that may be added to your team

In more detail:

1. Find the league you would like to play in using our Sport Calendar (PDF) or

You'll have a chance to share your time preference during registration and we'll do our best to accommodate whenever possible, but be ready to play during any of the times listed for your league! If you would rather be withdrawn and refunded if we can't get a certain day/time for you, be sure to send us an email when you register. Otherwise, be ready to play!

2. Register your team in that league on IMLeagues
Navigate to and find your sport and league. Click 'Create Team' to start the process. If you aren't already logged-in to your account, you will be asked to login or create an account on IMLeagues.
3. Add enough teammates to your roster on IMLeagues to meet the minimum roster requirement for that league
Teammates can request to join your team or you can send them an inviation. Either way, enough of them will need to create their own individual account on IMLeagues and be added to your roster to satisfy the minimum roster requirements for that league in order to move forward with registration. You won't be able to pay or be approved and included in the schedule until they do. Each and every teammate beyond the minimum roster requirement must also create an account and join your team on IMLeagues in order to play, but they can do this later, if you've already met the minimum requirement
4. Pay for your team online using IMLeagues or in-person at the DBAC Business Office:
  • In-Person Payments: Register on IMLeagues first and then pay before the end of next business day at DBAC Business Office.
  • Online Payments: Pay via using an existing credit card or PayPal account. 
5. Be ready to welcome any Free Agent teammates that may be added to your team!

In the spirit of getting active, having fun and making friends, it's especially important that everyone has a chance to play, whether they have enough friends to form a team or not. Your team may have up to 2 players added to your roster before the start of the season. Make sure they feel welcome!

  • Smaller team rosters will be assigned Free Agents first, so it's important your existing teammates join your roster before registration closes! Check your roster on IMLeagues to see new additions. If you really want a Free Agent, don't wait for us to add them to your team: Invite them yourself on IMLeagues!
  • Now the important part: This is your chance to deliver on the promise of sport to enrich a community and bring people together. As an existing team, you're expected to recognize it can be challenging to join a team of established friends and be extra welcoming and supportive of any Free Agent additions to your team. Our hope is you'll all find new friends and live happily ever after.
  • You can expect any Free Agent additions to pay an equal portion of your team fee the same as the rest of your teammates, and to be a respectful new friend on your team and play in accordance with your league's PlayStyle. You can also expect us to be here to support you and answer any questions and concerns. 
  • Removing a Free Agent from your roster that was assigned to your team will result in a deduction from your Spirt of Competition Rating. Teams must have an average Spirit of Competition rating of 3 at the end of regular season or they may be removed from the league and will not continue to the playoff season.

 *** IMPORTANT ***: After Registering your team on IMLeagues!

Registered Team Captains

To be included in the schedule, you must mee the following two criteria BY the end of the you league registration date:

  1. ROSTER REQUIREMENTS: Your team must meet the minimum roster requirement on IMLeagues. Not everyone needs to be on your roster by that date, but at least the minimum must be met.
  2. PAYMENT: You can’t pay until you’ve met the minimum roster requirement!
  • In-Person Payments: Pay at DBAC Business Office.
  • Online Payments: Pay via using an existing credit card or PayPal account.


Waitlist Team Captains

  • DO NOT make a payment for your team if you are on the Waitlist!
  • Get your teammates to sign-up so you meet the minimum roster requirement! We will contact you if a spot comes available and ask you to make payment. Priority is given to teams that have met the roster requirement in the order that you joined the waitlist.