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Intramural Wheelchair European Handball

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Winter Tournament

Check the Sport Calendar (PDF) for the January tournament date!

We are thrilled to present, in partnership with the Ontario Wheelchair Sports Association and ParaSport Ontario, the official McMaster University Wheelchair European Handball tournament. You bring the fun and friends, OWSA and ParaSport will provide sport wheelchairs, and we'll all throw it down in Sport Hall this coming January - a day and experience we promise you won't forget!!

Why a Wheelchair European Handball tournament?

  • It's awesome. Really awesome. And perspective enriching. Participants in our spring 2010 All Abilities Awareness demo fell in love, and our inaugural tournament rocked (and rolled) the David Braley Athletic Centre Sport Hall like nothing else in 2011.

  • It's an active invitation and a signal to our entire McMaster community that your Intramural Sports program is actively inviting persons with disabilities to get active with us! The benefits of sport - fun, friendship, personal challenge and growth, sweat, health and vitality - are too valuable not to be shared with everyone.

  • We have work to do to develop accessible programs and move towards an inclusive Intramural Sports program and sporting world in general. This is an invitation to participate andto help shape our program as a whole.

  • To start a conversation. If you have feedback, want to play in this tournament or any other programs, require support and accommodation to participate, or have ideas to move our program forward in this regard, please - please! - let us know: Email us at

  • Accessible
  • Registration Required


Wheelchair European Handball Rules

An overview of basic game play is outlined below. Roster requirements, including variations on goalie rules, game length, etc. will be set on a per event basis.


1. Object of Game: Wheelchair Handball is played by two teams of players, with some variations including goalies, and others not. The aim of each team is to score in the opponent's goal and to prevent the other team from scoring on their own goal.

2. Playing the ball

On offense, players may:

  • Throw, catch, stop, push or hit the ball by using hands, arms, head and torso
  • Hold the ball for a maximum of 3 seconds
  • Push the wheelchair and dribble the ball
  • Place the ball on the lap (not between the knees) while pushing the wheelchair one or two times (not longer)

On defense, players may:

  • Guard the opponent (with or without ball) by using arms and hands as long as the opponent has enough time and distance to react and no danger is present
  • Pull or hit the ball out of the hands of an opponent

Players are NOT allowed to:

  • Restrain or hold (uniform, wheelchair) an opponent
  • Ram or push into an opponent

3. Goaltending 

  • Goalies must remain seated, only upper-body saves allowed
  • After each goal YOUR team scores, YOUR goalie must be substituted

4. Substitutions

  • Substitutions can be made on the fly or at any stop in play: Exiting player must wheel to side court, bring chair to a full stop, and transfer chair to teammate.
  • Goalie substitutions: Only at a stoppage of play, and at referee’s discretion. Goalies may not directly substitute for the player they subbed out.

Past Tournament Highlight Videos