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The Department of Athletics & Recreation serves our McMaster University and greater Hamilton communities, offering programs and services, facilities and expertise to support the cultivation of the human potential and wellness in each of us - and we aim to be the best at what we do. We recognize the value in offering active invitations, not just open doors, and are committed to leading and learning alongside our community members to build a strong and inclusive community over time.



   Statement of Dignity & Inclusion 

As the Department of Athletics & Recreation at McMaster University:

  • We’re committed to building a safe and inclusive space where diversity is celebrated.
  • We recognize, value and encourage celebration of the human differences that surround us.
  • We ask all members of our community to participate in fostering this spirit.

Any expressions of bigotry, hatred, prejudice or disrespect are inconsistent with the ideals of preserving human dignity and our goal of cultivating the human potential in everyone, and have no place in our community.


     Accessible Sport & Recreation Programs

We are committed to working proactively to ensure members of all abilities are able to access our facilities, programs and events. We welcome feedback on ways to better serve all members, especially with respect to accessibility.

 Some specific services and equipment that are available:

  • Accessible Lifts are available for use in the Ivor Wynne Centre Pool and David Braley Sport Medicine Clinic.
  • Sport Wheelchairs (two) are available for sign out at the Joan Buddle Service Desk.
  • The Hippocampe All Terrain Wheel Chair is available for use on local trails. For further information, please contact Wayne Terryberry at terryber@mcmaster.ca
  • SNAP (Special Needs Assistance Program) is available for students and members looking for one-on-one assistance.  Details can be found here.
  • Parasport Options and Accommodations in our Intramural Sports programme. For further information, please contact Intramurals@mcmaster.ca


     LGBTQ Inclusion in McMaster Athletics & Recreation

As leaders in sport and recreation, and as a key player in Canadian Interuniversity Sport’s Pilot Project to Address Homophobia in University Sport, it is important that we expressly note that all members of our community, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and queer athletes, students and staff, are welcome to play, learn and cheer with us. 

If you need support, have new program ideas, have concerns or want more information, please contact the Manager of Recreation Services, Debbie Marinoff Shupe at marinof@mcmaster.ca.


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