Intramural Sports

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Leagues / PlayStyles

Our sports are divided into different 'Leagues' and 'PlayStyles' outlined below. Leagues largely define any gender-based roster requirements.

PlayStyles replace the 'skill levels' used by many other programs and dictate how we play together. Read on to help make your choice, and, whichever you choose, remember: It's all play.

Program Values & Vision

As participants and staff, our values and vision guide how we work and play.

Code of Conduct

Designed to keep us all safe and smiling: Know the Code!

Recognizing Participants

Our Athletes of the Year and MVTeams

Leagues Offered

  • A Note on Gender-based Roster Requirements
    With the exception of our Open leagues, many of our leagues specify gender-based roster requirements, including a minimum number of women or men. There’s some value to this system, but it also falsely perpetuates the idea of gender as a binary and presents other barriers to our building an inclusive sport community. For the purposes of our program, the terms 'men' and 'women' are inclusive of trans*, gender-fluid, and agender members of our community. We've trained our staff to understand gender as a spectrum and encourage participants to take part in the programs that best represents their gender as THEY identify.
  • How many leagues can I play in? 
    • You can play in more than one league in a sport (e.g., For example, in soccer, you can play in a Corec League and Gendered League (Open OR Men’s OR Women’s League), but you can only play in one PlayStyle per league (e.g., For Corec Soccer, you can only play on PlayFun OR PlayCompetitive, not both).
  • League Schedules 
    • Most of our leagues consist or a regular season and a playoff season - These leagues schedules are developed and published 24-48 hours before the first game of the respective (regular or playoff) season begins.
    • In leagues that there are both a regular and playoff season, registered teams are guaranteed 6 games (5 regular season games and 1 playoff game).
    • Regular season games may vary, if the league has an odd number of teams, but each registered team will be guaranteed 1 playoff game and your remaining games will vary dependent on how your team performs.
    • Please Note: Particiapnts must be registered on the team and play in 50% of the regular season games in the league to be eligible for the playoff season.
  • Leagues Types 

Open Leagues

    • In an Open league, a team’s roster can consist of participants of all genders
    • There are no gender-based roster requirements during gameplay 

Corec Leagues

    • In a Corec league, sport specific rules dictate gender-based roster requirements for each team (usually equal numbers of women and men)
    • Participants must identify as either women or men (even if only for the purposes of Intramural Sports) and each team must satisfy the minimum roster requirements during gameplay
    • A separate set of rule modifications may apply to specific Corec leagues

Women's Leagues

    • In a Women’s league, a team’s roster must consist of participants who identify as women (even if only for the purposes of Intramural Sports)

Men's Leagues

    • In a Men’s league, a team’s roster must consist of participants who identify as men (even if only for the purposes of Intramural Sports)


PlayStyles: How To Play Intramural Sports

All Intramural Sports

Some things are true of all our Intramural Sport leagues and tournaments:

  • Players and staff respect each other to create a safe and fun-first experience.
  • Competition is part of it, but not the whole thing; being active, together, is most important. Our leagues are run by students (and one full-time staff member) for students (and some alumni, faculty and staff); remember your connection to every other member within our community as you play.
  • Respect, safety and fun-first. It's not an accident this is in here twice. If you ever find yourself losing sight of this, take a deep breath: Intramural Sports are an exciting part of your student experience, but, in the end, it's always just a game.

How To Play in PlayFun Leagues

In PlayFun players range in skill level from beginners just learning the game to experts who have played for years. These players are also known as your 'friends.' Regardless of ability or experience, players on both teams look out for each other: You may try hard, but your skills and experience never come at the expense of another player's, lesser skilled or otherwise. Likewise, you may be brand new to a sport and not know all - or any! - of the rules. Overly-aggressive and competitive play has no place in our PlayFun leagues, and, if you're the more skilled or experienced player, you don't aggressively steal, spike, etc. against lesser skilled players. Quite simply: You play, together, for fun, as friends would. Includes regular game play with officials and elimination playoffs.

How To Play in PlayCompetitive Leagues

In PlayComp, participants range in skill level, but play competitively and expect teammates and opponents to do the same. Game-play is often quicker and more intense then PlayFun, but always respectful. You and your teammates have a good understanding of the rules. Includes regular game play with officials and elimination playoffs.