Intramural Sports

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Program Vision & Values

As staff and participants in our Intramural Sports program, we are committed to realizing the ideals below:

  • We are a safe and actively-inclusive community: Our events must contribute positively towards a physically and emotionally safe and inclusive McMaster community. 'Actively-inclusive' means we actively work to breakdown barriers to participation and extend invitations to historically marginalized groups.
  • We are participant-focused and student-led: Each and every participants' experience must be central in every decision, which will be driven, along with our entire program, by our student-staff leaders.
  • We are redefining sport culture: We are forward-thinking and active creators of an increasingly positive and constructive sport culture; 'that's just sports' or 'that's the way it's always worked' or 'that's the way it works everywhere else' only works for us as long as it is serving our goals and vision.
  • We are committed to excellence in service delivery: As staff, we strive for continuous improvement in the delivery of our product - fun, friendship and an active lifestyle through sport - whether in terms of customer service and administration or the in-game 'sport' experience.
  • We offer meaningful work experience: We create meaningful work experiences, including unique student-job supervisory / management opportunities, and pathways to progress within and between roles; staff members can expect to both give and receive feedback on their own and others' performance regularly.

Recognizing Participants & Teams

Without a doubt, our participants and the teams they play on have the biggest impact on our ability to create an inclusive, fun-and-friendship-first sport community, and have the power to shape each other's experience for the better. 

  • Athletes of the Year: Every season we recognize individual participants who actively make our sport community more fun and inclusive. You can nominate a fellow participant for Athlete of the Year until March 25th each school year.
  • Most Valuable Teams: Every season we recognize teams that collectively raise the bar - and the fun and friendship - for us all.