McMaster Community Sports Leagues

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Levels of Play

A Note on Gender-based Roster Requirements

  • We offer both Open Leagues and Coed Sports Leagues.Apart from our Open leagues, our Coed leagues specify gender-based roster requirements, including a minimum number of women or men. There’s some value to this system, but it also falsely perpetuates the idea of gender as a binary and presents other barriers to our building an inclusive sport community.
  • For the purposes of our program, the terms 'men' and 'women' are inclusive of trans, gender-fluid, and agender members of our community. We've trained our staff to understand gender as a spectrum and encourage participants to take part in the programs that best represents their gender as THEY identify

Open Leagues

  • In an Open league, a team’s roster can consist of participants of all genders
  • There are no gender-based roster requirements during gameplay 

Coed Leagues

  • In a Coed league, sport specific rules dictate gender-based roster requirements for each team (usually equal numbers of women and men).
  • Participants must identify as either women or men (even if only for the purposes of Sports) and each team must satisfy the minimum roster requirements during gameplay.
  • A separate set of rule modifications may apply to specific Coed leagues.


MCSL - Levels of Play

Some things are true of all our community sports leagues and tournaments:

  • Players and staff respect each other to create a safe and fun-first experience.
  • Competition is part of it, but not the whole thing; being active, together, is most important. Our leagues are run by members of the McMaster community, remember your connection to every other member within our community as you play.
  • Respect, safety and fun-first. It's not an accident this is in here twice. If you ever find yourself losing sight of this, take a deep breath: this is an active living outlet and we're here to socialize and have fun!
  • All our leagues are Recreational Play


How To Play in 'MCSL Recreation' Leagues

  • In our Recreational leagues, players range in skill level from beginners just learning the game to experts who have played for years. These players are also known as your 'friends.'
  • Regardless of ability or experience, players on both teams look out for each other: You may try hard, but your skills and experience never come at the expense of another player's, lesser skilled or otherwise. Likewise, you may be brand new to a sport and not know all - or any! - of the rules.
  • Overly-aggressive and competitive play has no place in our Recreational leagues, and, if you're the more skilled or experienced player, you don't aggressively steal, spike, etc. against lesser skilled players.
  • Quite simply: You play, together, for fun, as friends would. Includes regular game play and elimination playoffs.