Sport Specialist Chiropractic

Sport specialist chiropractors have advanced clinical training in the diagnosis and management of sports injuries and are Fellows of The Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (RCCSSC). The RCCSS(C) is the national governing organization for sports chiropractic in Canada which is committed to excellence in the practice of evidence-informed chiropractic as it applies to all aspects of sport and physical activity. Chiropractic sport specialists are leaders in their respective field and are actively involved in education and research initiatives. Those at the David Braley Sport Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre have had to successfully challenge the fellowship examination after completing an additional two-year, full-time post-graduate residency program with over 1000 formal on-field hours. Among receiving care for your specific injury, sport chiropractors provide comprehensive assessments and movement analyses to individualize treatment programs for the purpose of injury prevention and improved biomechanical performance. For more information, please visit the RCCSS(C) website:


Initial Assessment: 1 hour, $120


Follow Up Visit: 30 minutes, $80