The Pulse Fitness Centre Policies

The Pulse Rules and Regulations:

These rules and regulations have been designed to keep the centre clean, organized and safe. Please observe and follow all established rules. Disregarding these rules and regulations may result in the loss of membership privileges.

  1. A fitness centre membership must be presented upon each entry to the facility. You will not be permitted in the Pulse without a membership. Your Pulse membership is not transferable. If you have forgotten your membership, a temporary day pass MUST be purchased at the Joan Buddle Customer Service or the Recreation Business Office.
  2. All exercisers are responsible for ensuring they have a spotter during free weight exercises. Pulse Personal Trainers are available for spotting when it is requested.
  3. All lifting must be done in a controlled manner. All drops must be controlled.
  4. Proper athletic footwear must be worn. Bare feet, sandals, work boots or dress shoes are not acceptable. Shoes worn outside must be cleaned before entering the Pulse.
  5. Members must cover their upper torso wearing a shirt or tank top at all times. 
  6. Shorts, short or long track pants, wind pants or tights are permitted. Trousers, jeans, and cutoffs and pants with zippers are not acceptable. 
  7. Gym bags, knapsacks, jackets, keys and other personal belongings are not allowed in the Pulse and cannot be stored at the front desk area. Lockers are available in the change room for day use or long-term rental.
  8. No food, cans or glass bottles in the fitness facility. Only plastic or metal water bottles are permitted.
  9. Under McMaster University regulations, smoking is not permitted in any of the university’s buildings or rooms.
  10. Towel service can be purchased for your convenience at the Joan Buddle Service Desk or you may bring your own towel. A towel should be placed between you and the upholstery of the equipment while being used. You are required to clean off each piece of equipment after use with a towel and disinfectant sprayer, which is provided.
  11. Bars are to be stripped of weight after each use. Return all weights and dumbbells to their proper places. Keep all weights in their designated areas, and do not take them into the fitness studio.
  12. No prophane language is allowed. 
  13. Fitness classes are on a first come first serve basis. For safety purposes we have a cutoff based on the class type. Cutoffs will be at the discretion of the instructor.
  14. Day guest passes are available at the Joan Buddle Service Desk or the Rec Business Office. Members are responsible for their guest’s actions. Guests must be made aware of the Pulse’s rules and regulations and must sign a waiver upon entrance to the facility.
  15. Treadmill usage is restricted to 30-minutes when all other treadmills are occupied.
  16. Equipment can be signed out for use at the Pulse front desk. If the equipment is not returned the member’s account will be automatically charged. Please be sure to scan the equipment out and to have it scanned back in by our desk staff.
  17. Conduction and/or the solicitation of personal business is prohibited in the Pulse. Only the Department of Athletics and Recreation staff may conduct personal training sessions in the Pulse.
  18. The Department of Athletics and Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  19. Any members with special requests and/or needs are asked to please see the Manager of Fitness and Well-being prior to their first visit to the Pulse to make the necessary arrangements.