If you are interested in travelling on outdoor trips and enjoying the many natural areas in Ontario and abroad, then the Outdoor Club is for you. Trips range from beginner to advanced skill levels. A great way to meet people with similar outdoor interests and a common sense of adventure.

Outdoor Club Membership costs $10.00 and can be purchased at the Registration office, WG101, in the David Braley Athletic Center and includes membership to the Whitewater Club.

For more information on the Outdoor Club, please see our website    http://www.macoutdoorclub.ca/

A Climbing Club Membership is a separate fee of $10.00 and can also be purchased at the Registration office.  More information at https://rec.mcmaster.ca/programs/clubs/climbing-club


For more information: outdoor@mcmaster.ca

Outdoor Club

Activities include: Climbing, Outdoor Recreation, Outdoor Trips