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Triathlon Cross Training (Run & Bike)

  • This program is not being offered due to the previous Indoor Track closure associated with ongoing construction.  Track is scheduled to be resurfaced sometime in the summer (2024) so will be closed again temporarily, so we are not able to set up this program until track reconstruction is complete. Please check back to this site in October 2024 for updates on a possible Winter 2025 course.

Are you looking for a training experience that is more intense than recreation? Are you an aspiring triathlete? Dr. Roy Till is an NCCP certified triathlon and cycling coach who is there to help you achieve your goals, whatever level those may be. A Pulse Membership is not required to take this course.  (Swimming training is available through the Master's Swim Programme, but you must register separately for that course.)

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For more information contact Heidi O'Brien:

Triathlon Cross Training (Run & Bike)

Activities include: Triathlon Training, Running/Walking

Instructor Bio

Dr. Roy Till, an NCCP certified triathlon and cycling coach,  has competed at all distances in Triathlon including Ironman and age-group World Championships.His coaching philosophy is inclusive with a goal of helping all athletes achieve theirs, and he tailors the run/bike workouts to the individual abilities of the participants.