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Run, Jump, Throw

  • Due to the Indoor Track closure which started in Fall 2018 (building renovations) this progam is not being offered at this time. Track opening date TBA. Please check back later in 2023 for updates which I will post as soon as we have the information on when the track will reopen.

Run, Jump, Throw is an 8 week recreation program that introduces children ages 6-12 to  running, jumping and throwing events from the sport of track and field. In addition to learning the correct way to run, jump, and throw participants will learn specific drills to improve speed, rhythm, strength and balance; skills which are transferable to other sports and activities. Training sessions will be held at the 200m indoor track located in the David Braley Athletic Centre. This program is delivered in partnership with Val Sarjeant and Stoney Creek Athletics, a registered member of the Minor Track Association and Athletics Ontario.

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