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Lyrical/Contemporary Dance

Lyrical Dance is a fusion of styles that often uses techniques from jazz and ballet combined to create free movement. Students will have the opportunity to learn choreographic routines that will allow them to express various emotions and often tell a story through the music. Although technique is important, and will be used and reviewed throughout the classes, this class will stress the importance of showing your style and who you are as a dancer through the movement. Lyrical can be very 'outside the box' allowing a dancer to get out of everyday stresses and worries and simply explore. Some dance experience is recommended but not required.

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Lyrical/Contemporary Dance

Activities include: Dance, Lyrical/Contemporary Dance

Lyrical/Contemporary Dance

Instructor: Caitlin Ennis

  • McMaster Students and DBAC Members: $57 Non-Members $105
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September 18, 2024 to November 27, 2024

Exceptions to the Schedule

  • Lyrical/Contemporary Dance closed on Wednesday, October 16, 2024 from 5:30pm - 6:25pm
Wednesday5:30pm - 6:25pmLyrical/Contemporary Dance