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First Aid - Standard (Red Cross)

This is a 2 day comprehensive course that provides training for dealing with life-threatening situations. Topics covered include all the material in Emergency First Aid (choking treatment, CPR, severe bleeding, shock, etc.) plus poisoning, bone and joint injuries, hypothermia, moving a first aid casualty, and medical conditions such as diabetic crisis, convulsions, heart attack and stroke ( CPR component is equivalent to CPR C,  AED also included.) Certification is in effect for 3 years. A First Aid Recertification course can be taken once only before expiry, again effective for 3 years. Following the recertification, the Full Standard First Aid course must be taken to remain certified.

STAFF & FACULTY: Please read important information in Tab below for registration requirements.

Note: Online registration is not available for this course. Register in DBAC WG 101 or Print Registration Form (No CODE required, just Date and Type of Course) and fax to 905-777-0126, or email to

  • Fall Registration opens August 1
  • Winter Registration opens December 1
  • Spring Registration opens April 1

For more information contact Recreation Business Office: 905-525-9140 x24464

First Aid - Standard (Red Cross)

Activities include: First Aid

First Aid -Standard (Red Cross): Winter Semester

  • Course date has been changed from brochure
  • McMaster Students & DBAC Members: $99.00, Non-Members: $145.00, EligibleStaff/Faculty: $0.00
  • Registration Required
March 16, 2019 to March 17, 2019
Saturday9:00am - 5:00pmFirst Aid -Standard (Red Cross): Winter Semester
Sunday9:00am - 5:00pmFirst Aid -Standard (Red Cross): Winter Semester


Information for Staff and Faculty

STAFF/FACULTY:Please verify with your Human Resources advisor if you are eligible for free training. Departments will be charged in the case of a 'no-show' or for cancellations less than 1 business day prior to course. Employee number, department account number, and contact information MUST be included on registration form.

What to Wear

Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for performing the skills required for CPR. (kneeling on mats on floor)