We strive to provide a fun and inclusive experience for all of our campers and work with families to help them achieve their goals while providing an integrated, enjoyable camp experience.

Keep reading for more information on our One-on-One program or contact Kristin Taylor, Camps Coordinator at tayloka2@mcmaster.ca or 905-525-9140 x26639, for assistance. 

Supporting Camper Needs: Commitment & Limits


Our staff are dedicated to supporting campers with a wide range of needs and abilities, whether managing a chronic medical condition like diabetes, a return-to-play plan post-injury, or offering one-on-one support for a child needing extra care. While we are experienced and able to support a wide variety of exceptionalities, our coaches and counsellors are hired based on experience, and not qualified training (i.e. staff consist of university students and teachers. They are not typically EAs, child & youth workers, OTs etc.). All campers must have control of bowel and bladder, and the ability to wipe independently, as our facilities and staff are not equipped to care for campers who require regular support in these areas. 

Tell Us About Your Camper!

Families are required to complete an application to the One-On-One program. Families are asked to share information on their camper's needs and goals so that we can better support them at camp. Support staff will also follow-up in May to gather the most up-to-date needs & goals information. 

As forms are received, they will be time-stamped and reviewed. Our capacity is limited and therefore an application does not guarantee registration in the one-on-one program. 

Any information shared will be reviewed by our One-On-One coordinators. We will be in contact to confirm whether we are able to accommodate your request for registration within 2 weeks of receiving the application. If your registration is confirmed, follow up will include details on how to proceed with online registration. Our One-On-One program coordinators may be in touch with you directly to gather further information. 

If your camper has an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) that has been developed elsewhere that you would like to share with us, please include this with the submission of your form.

1:1 Program Needs & Assessment Application Form

For more information contact Kristin Taylor: 905-525-9140 x26639 tayloka2@mcmaster.ca

One-on-One Support

Considerations of One-on-One Support

Sport Fitness School

  • Sport Fitness School strives to provide integrated sport for athletes who identify with an exceptionality. Our One-on-One Coordinator and Occupational Therapists provide tools for athletes to be successful in large and small group settings.
  • Sport Fitness School is a large camp with over 300 campers each session and locations can require 5-10 minutes of walking time. There are some sports that have higher stimulus environments as well. As we do our best to accommodate for all needs and accessibility, please be sure to call the office prior to camp to ensure that all tools and support are in place prior to arriving at camp.
  • Coaches are supported and trained volunteers by our Sport Fitness School One-on-One Camps Coordinator. Our one-on-one program is an extension of our program and therefore is based around the model of integration.
  • Athletes registered in the program will cycle through 6 coaches in one day. Athletes will have a consistent coach for each sport they are registered in, as well as their home counsellor group. However, coaches will vary for transition periods (Swim and Lunch) each day.
  • Athletes taking transportation to and from camp will not have access to one-on-one support. There are coaches on the bus supervising, however there is not one coach with the athlete.
  • The more information given and communication with our coordinator, the more successful the child's experience will be. Be sure to connect daily via phone or email with the coordinator.

How to Register for One-on-One Support

If your child requires support in an educational setting, we recommend one-on-one support at Sport Fitness School. If you are unsure if your child will require support, please call the Kristin Taylor, Camps Coordinator at 905-525-9140 x26639

If your child is transitioning out of the one-on-one support program at camp, be sure to call or email to explain how the needs of the child have been changed.

Camp families seeking One-On-One support are invited to complete an application* for registration.  

Process will include:

Completing an application indicating:

  • general camper information
  • a needs assessment form
  • preferences for camp and session options

*Applications do not guarantee registration 

Applications available February 13th!

Please note that due to limited capacity, SFS individual campers may only be registered for TWO of our One-on-One Support sessions. Additional spaces may become available. Families may indicate their interest to be place on a waitlist on the application form, if they are interested in attending more sessions.



Frequently Asked One-on-One Support Questions


  • Which camps offer one-on-one support? 
    One-on-one support is only offered in our biggest and summer-long camp, Sport Fitness School.

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  • How do I know if my child requires 1:1 support?
    • If your child requires support in an educational setting, we recommend one-on-one support at Sport Fitness School. If you are unsure if your child will require support, please call Kristin Taylor, Camps Coordinator at 905-525-9140 x26639.
    • If your child is transitioning out of the one-on-one support program at camp, be sure to call or email to explain how the needs of the child have been changed.

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  • Will my camper be with the same staff person all session? How do I know how their day has gone? 
    A small group of staff work in rotation to support each camper, both to ensure staff have time for breaks and to support our camper's development of social skills. A daily log book is shared between staff and with families at home to mark accomplishments, share tips and opportunities for development, and to ensure consistency across staff during a camper's time at camp.

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  • How do camp age limits apply to children and youth in the One-on-One program? 
    Campers in our One-on-One program are welcome 2 years beyond our camps age limits:
    • Sport Fitness School: Age 6-16 years (by Dec-31 of current camp year)

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  • How do I share information about my child's needs and goals? 
    Families applying to the One-on-One program will be required to submit a Needs Assessment Form. Program staff will also follow-up starting in May to further establish needs and goals.

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  • Are campers enrolled in the One-on-One program integrated with the rest of camp? 
    Absolutely! Programs are fully integrated, though having one-on-one support allows campers to step out of regular programming as their needs demand.

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  • Are there any guidelines when it comes to selecting sports for Sport Fitness School? 
    With special thanks to our Student Occupational Therapists, we offer a Sport Selection Parent Guide (PDF) that helps make recommendations based on your athlete's needs and goals.

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  • Does one-on-one support continue on camp buses and at extended care? 
    Our one-on-one staff are in place for the regular camp day, and are not always the same staff assigned to supervise before and after-camp progamming. While one-on-one support is not available through these times, our staff will be there to support all campers, especially those with special needs. Many campers enrolled in our One-on-One program have had a very positive experience riding our buses and attending extended care.

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  • I was only given confirmation for a place on the waitlist, how does the waitlist work?
    We cannot guarantee that the waitlist will open up, though we try our best to get you in to camp & keep you informed of the likelihood.
    There are two ways that the waitlist advances:
    • If someone already registered drops out of their space, then we immediately turn to the waitlist to see if the next person would like to fill that space, and continue to move down the waitlist until someone jumps on it. We will do this right up until the start of the session if someone drops out that late.
    • The other way that space opens up is dependent on general camp registration. Weeks where we have lower enrollment but still our full staff team then we’ll open up more spaces in the 1:1 support program. This tends to happen about 2 weeks prior to the start of each session.

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Partnership with Occupational Therapy Program

We’ve partnered with the Occupational Therapy (OT) Program at the School of Rehabilitation Science, a Master level professional program at McMaster University. Student OT’s are integrated into some of our camp programs to provide an educational opportunity to staff and students alike as they work on a consultative basis to promote inclusion and provide recommendations for ensuring that all campers are getting the most out of their camp experience. The student OTs will be working under the supervision of an off-site registered OT. They will be accessing registratino information and observing campers and may contact parents/guardians for permission to conduct further assessments and interventions with individual campers.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is a regulated health profession; OTs provide specialized services to individuals using a holistic lens. OTs consider all aspects of the person and the environment in assessments and interventions - cognitive, cultural, physical, social, psychological, emotional, etc.