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Swim in Our Olympic Pool & Climb Our Alpine Tower

Many of our camps include daily swims in our Olympic pool and a chance to experience our Altitude program’s Alpine Tower & Climbing Wall.

Swim in Our Olympic Pool

Friends, toys and one of the biggest pools they have ever seen makes daily swims a hit amongst campers. Safety is our focus: Swim tests, lifejackets, staff on deck and in the pool keep everyone safe and having fun.

Climb McMaster's Alpine Tower

The Alpine Tower measure 50 ft. in height and with a variety of universal accessibility options, and over 40 routes to the top. Led by our experienced and dynamic ALTITUDE staff, the challenge-by-choice experience is a perfect fit for all.

Swim in Our Olympic Pool & Climb Our Alpine Tower

What is the Swim Test?

Each camper will take part in a lifeguard supervised swim-test before swimming on their own - campers only need to take the test once per session. Campers are asked to swim across the width of our pool (approx. 15 meters) unassisted and without touching the bottom. Campers won't be permitted to wear goggles during the swim test. If unable to complete, they are given a lifejacket, a yellow bracelet to identify them (and to be worn for the duration of camp), and are required to stay in the shallow end. A staff person in the water will be assigned to supervise them and experienced lifeguards are on duty watching over everyone in the water. Camp staff are also assigned to stations on the deck to support and supervise campers. Swim test records are recorded to ensure campers are in the right - and safe - spot. If you need to remove a bracelet at home, please ask our Camp Leaders for a new one. 

What to Bring For Swimming

If your camper would like to swim during the recreational pool time, they will need to bring:

  • A bathing suit
  • A towel

Frequently Asked Swimming and Climbing Questions

  • Is swimming mandatory?  The recreational swim is optional, but highly recommended as a chance to cool off and relax. If you would like your camper to be excused from the swim, please send a note from home. Non-swimmers are supervised during a quiet play time (board games, cards, reading, etc.) and are encouraged to bring a favourite book – but no electronics!
  • What is the plastic bracelet for? It indicates the camper wears a lifejacket and stays in the shallow end during swim. If you need to remove a bracelet at home, please ask our Camp Leaders for a new one.
  • How deep is the pool? Our shallow end is 4ft to 4'6" deep, while our deep end is 15ft deep!