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Shooting Sports Club

Giving McMaster students an opportunity to learn about firearms sports and safety. Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for experienced, new, and aspiring McMaster University student shooters and train them in Olympic and other Shooting Sports disciplines.

You don't need a license (R/PAL) to join us. We provide mentorship, range access, personal safety equipment, firearms, and ammunition.

In addition of being a McMaster Athletics & Recreation club, we are supported by the Canadian University Shooting Federation (CUSF). There are opportunities to submit our scores to compete with students from many CUSF sponsored universities across Canada.

 MUSS strives to provide:

      • Education about firearms laws in Canada, Ontario, and local municipalities.  
      • Education about Canadian firearms history, culture, and traditions as well as local, provincial, national, international, and Olympic competitions. 
      • Education about firearms safety. Including, but not limited to, licensing, certified training, safe and responsible handling; safe and proper storage; safe transportation; care and maintenance; as well as safe discharge and usage. 
      • Affiliating with various licensed gun clubs and ranges, through which proper safety training and safe handling and shooting environments are provided. 
      • The opportunity to learn about and handle different types of legal firearms and ammunition in a safe and recreational setting. 
      • The opportunity to train for inter-university sport shooting competitions, including, but not limited to, competitions organized by the CUSF through formal lessons given by registered coaches. 
      • The opportunity to represent yourself or McMaster University and compete in Olympic competition disciplines such as Trap, Skeet, and other Precision Sports shooting disciplines. 

For more information contact Club President Nour El Shamy:

Shooting Sports Club

Activities include: Shooting