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Sport Supervisor, Intramural Sports

As members of our Intramural Sports Leadership Team, Sport Supervisors are role models in and ambassadors of our Intramural Sports program as a whole. They are responsible for the successful operation of the leagues under their supervision, with primary focus on management and development of their staff. A Sport Supervisor's performance is measured by their ability to build a staff team capable of delivering a high quality, safe, inclusive and fun-first sport experience while simultaneously engaging and developing the next generation of leaders within our program. Sport Supervisors attend and drive the overall development of our program during leadership meetings.

Sport, League & Tournament Assignments: Sports, leagues and tournaments are assigned to Sport Supervisors to create balanced workloads across terms, playing to staff members’ passions and expertise. Historically we have operated with a Volleyball Sport Supervisor, a Soccer Sport Supervisor, a Basketball Sport Supervisor who also oversees an additional fall term sport, and 2-3 Multi-Sport Supervisors each responsible for 2-3 different sports each term. 

Job Details



Scheduled Hours:

Fall/Winter Terms: 6-10 hours/week, predominantly self-scheduled Hours / schedule vary with sport seasons Limited spring / summer work Minimal commitment during December and April exam periods



  • Work with Program Coordinator to interview, hire and train Game Day Supervisors
  • Schedule, evaluate and provide regular job performance feedback to Game Day Supervisors
  • Hire, train, schedule and evaluate sport-specific Game Officials, incorporating Game Day Supervisors in both development and execution of training plans and establishing culture of feedback; maintain sharp focus on equity in employment and succession planning throughout hiring and development of staff
  • Ensure high-quality sport experience, running on time with quality officiating and equipment, etc.
  • Maintain regular game-day presence to evaluate league, staff, team and participant performance
  • Work with Game Day Supervisors and Program Coordinator to intervene, redirect and/or reposition teams and players not meeting our PlayStyle expectations, in-season or pre-playoffs
  • Act as primary support for Game Day Supervisors within your sports to ensure shift coverage
  • Implement staff management system to regularly evaluate and provide feedback to Game Officials; monitor, support and evaluate Game Day Supervisors in their implementation of system
  • Work in partnership with the Inclusion & Gender Equity Advocate to achieve our program goals  Coordinate submission of Game Official Payroll Setup forms and Weekly Game Officials' Timesheets
  • Work with Office Manager to ensure prompt resolution of any payroll-related issues
  • Work with Program Coordinator to resolve scheduling issues, prepare league standings, playoffs, etc.
  • Attend regular meetings, reflecting on program performance, directing strategies to achieve our goals
  • Manage player conduct issues: (1) Collect reports from staff and participants; (2) Work with Program Coordinator to determine disciplinary sanctions; (3) Coordinate Protest & Appeals Committee
  • Coordinate end of season awards including selection of MVT, t-shirt and photo inventory  Represent McMaster University at regional recreation student leadership conference (if applicable)
  • Each Sport Supervisor holds one office shift per week, one day of Monday to Friday at 2:30- 4:30pm:
    • Review and follow-up on injury/incident reports from already-played games
    • Manage default, forfeit and Performance Bond payments and refunds
    • Prepare game sheets for upcoming game days
    • Answer participants questions via email, IMLeagues, phone, etc.
  • Work with Program Coordinator to hire and train next season's Sport Supervisors 

Passion for building inclusive sport; experience and exceptional performance as Game Day Supervisor or a recognized leader amongst Game Officials; extensive knowledge of program operations; prioritizes a safe, fun-first and inclusive sport environment; proven leadership, organizational, communication and management abilities.

  • Send cover letter and resume to Peter McComie,, by Friday 2nd February, 2024.
  • Interviews tentatively scheduled to occur between February 5th-13, 2024. Please indicate your availability from 11:00am-9:00pm on each day in your application.
  • Please let us know if you require any AODA accomodations for your interview.
  • Applicants selected for an interview will be contacted to confirm interview details.

Work Study Eligibility: McMaster students who received OSAP this school year, and who are returning to McMaster next school year could be eligible for Work Study; in your application, please make note whether you are a) a current McMaster student, returning next school year and b) whether you received OSAP this current school year.

In keeping with its Statement on Building an Inclusive Community with a Shared Purpose, McMaster University strives to embody the values of respect, collaboration and diversity, and has a strong commitment to employment equity. The diversity of our workforce is at the core of our innovation and creativity and strengthens our research and teaching excellence. The University seeks qualified candidates who share our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. While all qualified candidates are invited to apply, we particularly welcome applications from women, persons with disabilities, First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples, members of racialized communities, and 2SLGBTQ+ persons.