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Aquatic Staff

Aquatic staff are responsible for supervising the pool area and providing a safe, enjoyable experience for pool users.

Equality, diversity and inclusion are at the core of our values. We promote these principles and are committed to providing a safe environment – A Positive Space – by treating all people with dignity and respect.

Job Details


Fall/Winter - 2020-21



  • Directly supervise pool patrons while in the pool and on the deck to ensure patron safety
  • Prevent injuries by identifying, minimizing or eliminating hazardous situations or behaviours
  • Enforcing facility rules and regulations and educating patrons about them.
  • Recognizing and responding quickly and effectively to all emergencies
  • Administer first aid as needed
  •  Open and close pool area
  •  Inspect the pool and deck prior to opening and report any unsafe conditions
  • ·Monitor pool chemistry through regular pool tests and complete records
  • ·Participate in regular in-service training

  • Current National Lifeguard Certification
  • Current Standard First Aid
  • Successful completion of pre-employment lifeguard skills test
  • Maintain fitness level (swimming skills, strength and endurance).
  • Maintain university provided training (post hiring – AED, Health and Safety courses)
  • If instructing, LSS Instructors/Trainer/Examiner certification also required

Information and Practice Sessions (optional):

Sunday, February 9 at 8:30pm

 Lifeguarding Skills Screening (mandatory):

Friday,  February 28 OR Monday, March 2 - 1:30 pm

 Attend one session only. 

Meet on the pool deck in the Ivor Wynne Centre.

 Please bring with you:

q  Original, current qualifications - NL, CPR/First Aid, any other relevant aquatic qualifications (LSS Instructors, etc.)

q  One photocopy of your qualifications

q  Resume and cover letter

q  Bathing suit and towel


Skills screening will consist of: 500 M timed swim; spinal roller over; rescue drill and underwater swim; and object recovery x 2 (one 20 lb recovery and one timed 10 lb recovery)


Successful candidates from the pool screening will be asked to attend an interview. 


Attendance at the interview, skills screening, (successful demonstration of aquatic skills) and current qualifications are needed for all candidates. However,  this does not guarantee a position.  There are a limited number of positions available.  Staff selection is based on interview and screening performance, availability, qualifications, Ontario Work Study eligibility and experience.

For more information please contact the Aquatics Coordinators at 905-525-9140 x27526, or



For more information please contact the Aquatics Coordinators at 905-525-9140 x27526, or

e-mail Debbie Marinoff Shupe at