High Performance Area

High Performance Area (HPA)

Where high level, committed athletes train.

  • 10 racks
    • all suitable for Olympic Weight Lifting
    • power blocks and benches for every rack
  • Dumbbells ranging from 5 to 145 pounds
  • Kettlebells ranging from 15 to 70 pounds
  • 2 Pneumatic powered Keiser cable units
  • Speed and agility equipment including; ladders, sleds, prowlers, mini hurdles, track hurdles, skipping ropes and sprint bands
  • Auxillary resistance equipment including; resistance bands, weight vests, chains and sandbells, battle ropes, TRX straps
  • 8 Plyometric Training boxes of varying heights
  • 7 stationary bikes

McMaster Strength and Conditioning optimizes training programs through utilizing tools such as: Optojump, Myotest, Fusion Smart Speed Timing Lights, Dartfish, Tendo Units, Jump Mats.


For more information: performance@mcmaster.ca

High Performance Area