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New Year Step-Up Challenge

Start the new year on the right foot by participating in our 30-Day Fitness Challenge!

England! New Zealand! France! Using the World Walking App, track your daily steps and use them to complete a virtual walk to some of the most amazing places on Earth in 30 days.

Sign up as friends and complete a walk together or sign up as an individual and help McMaster complete our university-wide walk.

Additionally, #MacMoves will be hosting FREE walking events/challenges. Attend/complete 3 of these events/challenges to win a Campus Store Gift Card.



After registering, look out for an email on January 9th, 2019. This email will include additional information on the challenge and how to use the World Walking App.

For more information contact #MacMoves:

New Year Step-Up Challenge

Getting Started

  1. Whether registering as a group or an individual, each person participating in the New Year Step-Up Challenge must register online by January 14th.

    Groups will need to pick a virtual walk to complete together. Please consult the Suggested Walks tab for guidance on picking a walk.
    Individuals will participate in a virtual walk with all other individuals and help to complete it together as a university.

  2. Receive your New Year Step-Up Challenge registration package via email.
  3. Download the World Walking App and follow the registration package instructions to create an account within 48 hours of receiving the registration package.
  4. Accept your World Walking group's invite.
  5. Starting January 16th, use the World Walking App to track your steps and spend them on your group's walk (created within your group by the #MacMoves World Walking account).
  6. Attend/Complete FREE #MacMoves walking events/challenges for steps and prizes.
  7. Check your email and follow @MacRecreation on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for New Year Step-Up Challenge updates and news.

Suggested Walks

The Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines reccomends 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week (150 minutes per week), which is approximately equivalent to approximately 10,000 steps per day.

10,000 steps per day may not be a realistic starting point for everyone; adding 1000 daily steps to your regular daily average each week is a great step goal for integrating more movement into your day.

Try to pick a walk that accommodates everyone's step goal in your group. Click here for the list of all the walks available for the New Year Step-Up Challenge.

Suggested Walks (~10,000 steps/day per person)
Group Size
2 3 4 5 6
Suggested Walk
South West England
- 532,025 steps
Provence - 882,148 steps New Zealand (South Island)
- 1,194,103 steps
Bulgaria - 1,474,662 steps Vienna to Paris
- 1,790,799 steps


#MacMoves is organizing a variety of walking events and challenges to compliment the New Year Step-Up Challenge. If you complete 3 of these events/challenges, you win a Campus Store Gift Card. Here is a list of all the walking events and challenges #MacMoves is offering:

Walk in Nature Sessions - January 16th-February 13th every Wednesday @12:30 PM

Connect with nature and leave your worries behind as you unwind on the trail with others in a positive, mutually supportive environment. Join the Student Wellness Centre on a peaceful midday trail walk. Meet at the SWELL (MUSC B118) by 12:30 PM and be back in time for your 1:30 PM class. Each date you attend the session counts as completing a separate event.

Campus Scavenger Hunt - January 16th-February 14th (ongoing challenge)

Whenever you would like, solve the clues to hunt down several objects on the McMaster Campus. Take a selfie in front of the objects in the center of each photo and message the selfies to @MacRecreation on Instagram  by February 14th to confirm your progress and complete the challenge. Check the Campus Scavenger Hunt tab for a complete list of clues.

Neon Night Walk - *DATE CHANGED* February 13th @7:00 PM

Join us for a 30-minute walk to experience some of McMaster's most aesthetic spots at night. No need to fear the dark; we'll hand out glow sticks for you to wear and carry. Meet inside the entrance of the Davide Braley Athletic Centre by 7:00 PM.

Cootes Paradise Walk - February 11th @3:30 PM

Introduce yourself to Cootes Paradise by joininig us on a 30-minute nature walk. We'll share hiking tips and trail suggestions to encourage you to explore more this beautiful sanctuary throughout the year. Meet inside the entrance of the David Braley Athletic Centre by 3:30 PM.

Campus Scavenger Hunt Clues

Whenever you would like, solve the clues to hunt down several objects on the McMaster Campus. Take a selfie in front of the objects in the center of each photo and message the selfies to @MacRecreation on Instagram by February 14th to confirm your progress and complete the challenge.

Here are all 10 of the photo clues: