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Indoor Climbing Wall

The Feather Family Climbing Wall is located in the Pulse Fitness Centre. Membership to the climbing wall is included in a Pulse Fitness membership.

McMaster Adventure Recreation Club members are welcome to climb the wall on Open Wall Nights (Tuesdays)


The Wall is open to all levels, trained staff are on hand to assist with belaying and any other inquiries. 

Experienced climbers are welcome to belay others but must complete a short belay test during any open hours.

Beginners looking to learn how to belay must complete Belay School (climbing wall orientation). This is a 2-hour workshop on climbing skills, safety, belaying and is designed to prepare you to pass the belay test. (note, you do not need to learn to belay, a staff is always on hand at the wall to belay you, but this ensures you can climb at your own pace and time and are not waiting on staff to finish with others)

The belay test demonstrates your ability to use a Gri-Gri belay system, tie a figure-eight follow- through knot, and put on a climbing seat harness. These belay tests can be done by a climbing wall staff member during climbing wall operating hours.


Membership Info

For more information: 905-525-9140 x26384

Climbing Wall

NO experience necessary.  The Feather Family Climbing Wall can be found in the Pulse Fitness Centre.  Orientations are avaiable Mondays 4:30 - 6:30 pm and Teusday 9:00 - 11:00 pm,  Registration required.  Go to the David Braley Athletic Centre - DBAC WG101 to register.