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Tai Chi - Fundamentals

  • This program is not currently being offered.

Originally founded as a martial art, Tai Chi has evolved into an aerobic mind-body fitness exercise of
physical movements paced by slow diaphragmatic (abdominal) breathing. Tai Chi’s
breath-coordinated movements, dynamic balance & weight-shifting transitions imbue a
sensorium of “mindfulness-in-motion”. The first 10 TC forms of the internationally standardized 24-
forms simplified Yang style Tai Chi will be coached in our 10-week program. TC improves balance, flexibility, lower extremity muscle strength, mental focus & facilitates relaxation.   

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Tai Chi - Fundamentals

Activities include: Tai Chi, Mindfulness


What to Wear

Loose-fitting clothing suitable for the gym & shoes with the thinnest soles (to optimize sensory, contact feedback from the floor) are highly recommended.