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CycleONE Certification (Fitness Educators)

This course is not currently being offered at McMaster.

This two-part session provides you with the foundations of knowledge, principles, practice and certificate to start instructing in a 1-day workshop. Part 1 – Cycle Foundations covers the physiology, biomechanics, psychology and motivational techniques for indoor cycling. In this session, we includes safety guidelines for set-up and class structure, two hours of interactive and practical training along with an interactive ride segments and a master class that will help you combine the information and experience. Part 2 – Interval and Entertainment Techniques helps you to creatively and safely add drills, skills and fun in to your group cycle formats. In this session, we will be reviewing safety and set up along with technique with cuing and motivation strategies. From there, we build to add to your repertoire with interval, pro techniques, games and interactive drills and ideas.

Register Online (via Fitness Educators/Inspired Energy Website)

For more information contact Libby Norris (Fitness Educators/Inspired Energy): 905-795-7862

CycleONE Certification (Fitness Educators)

Activities include: Fitness Leadership