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Office Manager, Intramural Sports

A member of our Intramural Sports Leadership Team, the Office Manager is a role model in and ambassador of our Intramural Sports program as a whole. They are our lead program administrator, managing our payroll system, tracking staff information, training and certification records, supervising our Game Score Administrators and managing our Free Agent service. In addition, the Office Manager coordinates staffing of program office hours and scheduling of regular Leadership Team meetings. As with their Leadership Team counterparts, our Office Manager attends and drives the overall development of our program during leadership meetings. 

Job Details



Scheduled Hours:

Fall/Winter Terms at 6-8 hours/week, predominantly self-scheduled Limited spring / summer work Minimal commitment during December and April exam periods



  • Manage the staff payroll system, including coordination and submission of weekly payroll information, ensuring correct allocation of pay by GL account
  • Track staff information including training activity completion, certifications, payroll setups, OWSP applications and approvals, contact lists, etc.
  • Coordinate scheduling of Sport Supervisor office shifts, meetings, etc.
  • Support Sport Supervisors in coverage of program office hours as necessary
  • Work in partnership with the Inclusion & Gender Equity Advocate to achieve our program goals
  • Attend regular Leadership Team meetings, reflecting on league and program performance, directing strategies to achieve our goals
  • Work with Sport Supervisors to facilitate Most Valuable Team selection process, ensuring teams are selected, notified, and receive their prizes/photos
  • Manage Free Agents, working with Sport Supervisors to ensure they are assigned to teams in each league
  • Manage Champs and MVT t-shirt inventory (pre/post-season inventory, ordering, etc.)
  • Manage Athlete of the Year nomination, selection and recognition in March
  • Represent McMaster University at regional recreation student leadership conference (if applicable)
  • Work with Program Coordinator in succession planning, hiring and training of next season's Office Manager

Passion for building inclusive sport; experience as Game Day Supervisor or a recognized leader amongst Game Officials; extensive knowledge of program operations; prioritizes a safe, fun-first and inclusive sport environment; proven leadership, organizational, communication and management abilities.

  • Send cover letter and resume to Peter McComie <> by Friday, January 31st, 2020.
  • Interviews tentatively scheduled to occur between February 3rd-7th. Please indicate your availability from 10:00am-7:00pm on each day in your application.
  • Applicants selected for an interview will be contacted to confirm interview details.