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Camp Counsellor, Marauder Varsity Sport Camps

Please note this application is for our varsity-run sport specific programs. This application is for the known members of those teams, i.e. varsity athlete, part-time coach, strength & conditioning volunteer etc.
For general applications to our multi-sport program, please see the posting for Sport Fitness School.

The Marauder Sport Camp Counsellors are responsible for the entire camp program and ensures that all university and department policies are adhered to, that risk management is given thoughtful consideration in every activity, and that we are actively creating staff, camp and sport culture that contribute to our goal of building a healthy and inclusive community through sport.



Job Details


Summer 2020

Scheduled Hours:

40 hours per week



Our coaches' primary responsibility is to the safety and well-being of the children under their care, working to ensure they are included and engaged in camp activities. Each day, coaches are responsible for leading sport lessons, supervising (and taking part in) a recreational swim, and empowering children and sharing life lessons throughout.

Our Marauder Sport Camp Counsellors are known members of the Athletics & Recreation department, meaning you have an affiliation with one of the camp programs you are applying for - i.e. varsity athlete, part-time coach, strength & conditioning volunteer etc.

  • Experienced and passionate with respect to creating a safe, inclusive, enjoyable and memorable children's sport experience.
  • Proven ability in leadership of co-workers, staff and/or peer groups.
  • Ability to critically reflect on sport culture and camp traditions, ensuring their service of greater departmental and camp-specific goals.
  • Upong Hiring
    • Standard First Aid/CPR Certification
    • Vulnerable Sector Screen
    • University-mandated Health & Safety training
    • Employee Payroll Set-Up Package

Note you MUST be a member of one of the following McMaster varsity teams: Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Swim, Volleyball, Strength & Conditioning Program. 
Please fill out the application form at the top of the page.

Interviews Tentatively Schedule For:

  • Basketball Camp: TBA
  • Soccer Camp: TBA
  • Swim Camp: TBA
  • The Competitive Edge: TBA
  • Volleyball Camp: TBA