Cycling Classes (The Pulse)


Cycling Classes (The Pulse)

You must be a Pulse member to participate in cycling classes. All classes are drop-in. Please note that all class types may not be available each term depending on instructor availability. Copies of the fitness and cycling schedules are posted at the Pulse or you may download a copy below. 

As McMaster has announced that fall and winter terms will be held online, the Pulse instructors are volunteering to teach fitness classes online via Zoom! Follow us on Instagram or Twitter for up-to-date schedules!

To access our classes, use the following information:

Meeting ID: 741 5842 9470

Password: thepulse


Notice: Please be aware of the following rules and regulations:

  • Our dress code requires a full shirt with sleeves to be worn. Halter tops, sleeveless tops, tank tops, crops tops or shirts revealing the midriff are not permitted. 
  • Shorts, track pants, wind pants, and tights are permitted. Trousers, jeans, cutoffs, and pants with zippers are not acceptable. 
  • Proper athletic footwear must be worn. Bare feet, sandals, work boots, and dress shoes are not acceptable.
  • Bags and other personal belongings must be left in a locker as these present a tripping hazard in the Pulse. 
  • Remember to bring your membership or student card to scan in at the front desk and to check out equipment.
  • View a more detailed list of our rules and regulations here: Our Policies